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Notary & Apostille

Indigo is your trusted partner for document authentication needs. Our dedicated team ensures the legality and validity of your documents through meticulous notarization and apostille services. Whether it's general documents like contracts, agreements, and certifications, or specialized services like apostille authentication, we have you covered. Suppose you need authentication for Secretary of State documents, Federal, US Department of State documents, Embassy documents, or any other legal paperwork. In that case, we streamline and often expedite the process for added peace of mind. 

General Document Notarization

From legal documents like living wills, affidavits, and medical directives to crucial paperwork for divorce, child custody, power of attorney, and I9 verification, our General Documents services cover all your notarization needs. Trust our experienced team to handle your documents with care and attention to detail.

Loan Signing Agent

Experience stress-free real estate transactions with our trusted Loan Signing Agent services. Whether you're embarking on a new purchase, refinancing your home, or exploring options like reverse mortgages or HELOCs, our professional agents are here to facilitate smooth and efficient closings. With a focus on reliability and accuracy, we ensure that all documents are signed and notarized correctly, helping you achieve your real estate goals with confidence.


Ensure the international recognition of your documents with our specialized Apostille services. Whether it's Secretary of State documents, Federal, US Department of State documents, or Embassy documents, our experienced team ensures proper authentication and legalization for global use. With our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to accuracy, you can trust Indigo to navigate the complexities of apostille requirements, saving you time and hassle.

Mobile & Remote Service

Whether you're at home, the office, the hospital, or even jail, our team comes to you for seamless and hassle-free signings. Enjoy the flexibility of contactless and safe signings, knowing that your documents are notarized efficiently and securely, wherever you are. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to providing exceptional service, Indigo is your trusted partner for all your mobile notary needs.

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