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This E-Book will give you a crash course in the restoration of your own credit. This guide includes:


  • How to obtain Your Credit Report For Free.
  • How To Spot Inaccuracies On Your Report
  • How To Accurately Dispute errors On Your Report
  • Credit Bureau Dispute Letters Also Included


If You are Interested In Starting A Credit Repair Business In The Future, Look out for the Indigo Credit Education Course. 

Indigo Credit Repair E-Book

  • Our DIY Credit Repair E-Book is an essential guide designed to help you understand and improve your credit score. This E-Book provides practical tools and step-by-step instructions for managing your credit, including obtaining your credit report for free, spotting inaccuracies, and disputing errors effectively. It also features credit bureau dispute letters and insights into starting a credit repair business. This guide is invaluable for anyone looking to take control of their financial future.

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